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Senior Relationship Manager CV Writing

Senior Relationship Manager CV Writing
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13 Jun 2017

For this article, we went right to the top and asked an experienced Senior Relationship Manager, responsible for maintaining uninterrupted service to a major ‘Blue Light’ Customer, to talk about the demands of the role and importance of a flawless, high-impact CV. 

This is what they told us:

“The premise of the role is simple… and the reality anything but. The ‘SRM’ sits between service provider and end-user, facilitating the performance of one to meet the needs of the other.  Communication and forward planning play a part but situations can change without warning so an ability to think on your feet is essential.  Regular service reviews provide an opportunity to identify what’s working, match solutions to problems and learn from issues as they arise.   It’s a dynamic process; on occasion forensic, but ultimately forward-facing.   The SRM creates value and acts as a trusted advisor to the client.

SRM CVs should be achievement-led and show that a candidate can deliver contractual SLA performance and manage challenging scenarios.  And a bit like a maths exam, ‘show your workings.’ Talk about how you arrived at and implemented the steps that solved a problem or took performance to the next level.  Doing so demonstrates analytical, collaborative and decision-making skills."

At The Fuller CV, we also believe that CVs should be achievement-led, so weren’t surprised to hear our industry expert echo that view.  Our professional CV writing service  is designed to highlight key achievements and transferrable skills – the things that potential employers want to hear about -  and because we know that ease of access to key facts influences recruiters, we guarantee clarity, accuracy and expert presentation in every CV we write.  

More than 90% of our clients are offered a relevant interview within four weeks of submitting the professionally written CV we created for them.  It’s a statistic we’re proud of so why not contact us today and be part of The Fuller CV success story.