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Recruiter and Headhunter experts to support your Outplacement needs

Facing redundancy? Making redundancies following furlough? 

Rebecca Fuller says all redundancy personnel take a confidence knock when applying for new positions, as they were not in control of losing their job.  

Our Recruiters and Headhunters will redress this with Zoom Sessions covering How to Identify your Achievements and value you bring to business, How to Identify your Transferable Skills and explore working in other Sectors (search for these named videos on You Tube Channel) right through to 121 telephone interviews to ascertain the employees strengths and reassure them what makes them valuable to a new Employer.  Furthermore, aiding them with job searches as many employees have not looked for a position for 10 years and know little of keywords and ATS.  Equipped with a Professional CV highlighting their Achievements (87% of our clients say we identify their Achievements) new found self-belief, based on evidence of personal performance, and an understanding of how to navigate the Recruitment channels, your employees can feel supported by you in their career transition journey.  This is a very affordable option for traditional business to support your teams. 

Virtual Career Coaching


£95 per person, Individuals can swiftly access the sessions below, with a Recruiter* 

Our Recruiters and Headhunters help you learn from the inside what works with making successful job applications, how to write your CV, how to identify your achievements and how to showcase your transferable skills to access alternative job types/industries. Plus Interview Coaching, Interview Questions and progressing your career.  

* via Zoom Video Sessions, choose from 

  • CV Writing and redundancy advice
  • How to Identify Achievements and Sell Your Value Add
  • How to Identify Transferable Skills and explore Alternative Industries
  • Networking and Linkedin
  • Interview Coaching and Interview Questions
  • Setting up Job Searches
  • Starting out alone with your own business or personal development / training courses

Furthermore get downloads, screen slideshows, CV Templates and links to watch the Zoom Sessions over and over again.

Minimum Purchase in blocks of 25 persons


Virtual Outplacement


£299 per person, Includes:

Individual Professional CV Writing Service, via Skill Probe Questionnaire
2 x Virtual Career Sessions with Recruiter, spanning Achievements and Transferable Skills, Interview Techniques, Creating Job Alerts; Glassdoor, Indeed and working Linkedin to your advantage. 

Access Zoom Career Session Recordings, including slide shows all downloadable for every individual.

Purchase one block for upto 10 persons


Bespoke Outplacement

Supplementing the Virtual Outplacement Programme, the Bespoke Outplacement includes:

Speak with our team, who will put together a bespoke solution designed specifically for your industry or job function of your teams. 

In addition to the Virtual Outplacement Programme above, our Live Zoom Sessions, with full session slideshow downloads and handouts, are followed by a Q&A Session, to ensure your team get the most possible from the Virtual Outplacement Support, as if we were seated next to them. 

Call 01932 266166 now for a bespoke quotation for your group.         Contact Us