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Securing your place as the preferred candidate

Preferred Candidate
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27 Mar 2017

Competition for jobs has never been higher - something you already know, if you’re looking for a new position. 

Competition for jobs has never been higher - something you already know, if you’re looking for a new position.  Applicants must impress right from the ‘get go’ and by presenting you as a ‘must see’ candidate to potential employers, our professional CV writing service  will ensure that you do just that.  

Clearing that first hurdle and securing an interview is a huge achievement, but how to maintain the momentum and prove that you more than match your CV?  We’ll do all we can to help. 

The Fuller CV is invested in your career – an interest that goes beyond professional CV writing. To give our clients every possible advantage, we’ve devised our P.R.E.F. process to help you stay ahead of the curve and position you as the ‘PREFerred’ candidate before, during and after interview.  

Our P.R.E.F Process is designed ensure that you arrive on time, fully ‘prepped’ and confident, and leave as the standout applicant.  So, what is the P.R.E.F. Process and what can it do for you?  Read on…

P reparation
R esearch
E xecution
F ollow-up


Preparation is essential to success. 

‘Fail to prepare… prepare to fail’

Preparation covers everything from choosing appropriate interview clothes, and checking the weather forecast (drowned rat is never a good look) to having a back-up travel plan and cash for a taxi, should all else fail.  If your interview includes giving a presentation, phone ahead to check on AV system compatibility and the name of the person charged with setting it up.


‘It’s not who you know, it’s what you know’

Researching your target company requires more than knowing what they do and how they do it.  Familiarise yourself with the company’s ethos, cultural aims, mission statement or straplines, and stated position on ‘hot topics’ such as sustainability and ecological issues.  Better to know too much than too little.


‘Your time to shine’

When the big day dawns, it’s time to dial up your performance and capitalise on the hard work that made this moment possible.  They’ve asked to see you because they believe and hope you might be the person they’re looking for.  It’s down to you to prove them right, and lots of small things can help to make that happen.  Positive body language, a firm, committed handshake (knuckle crunching is not required) and maintaining eye contact all send the message that you know how to conduct yourself, and would do the job with poise and flair. 

When the interview is over, combine closing handshakes with a smile, good eye contact and an assurance that you’re looking forward to hearing from them.  They need to know that you’re still keen; never assume that they’ve worked it for themselves. 


‘Keep everyone onside, and your options open’

It’s essential to follow-up after every interview, preferably on the same day.  Contact the company concerned (email is fine) to thank them for their time and restate your interest.  If a recruitment agency is involved, call them with an update on how it went. If you decide not to take things further, let everyone know as quickly as possible, using positive language and expressing gratitude for the opportunity.