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Job Interview Psychometric Tests

15 Jul 2016

Psychometric tests are used widely for selection purposes in the UK – across industries and for a multitude of career positions.

Regardless of the post you are applying for (management, graduate, professional, IT, administrative, engineering or any other), you are likely to face a psychometric test either before, during or after the job interview.

Psychometric tests include a wide variety of aptitude tests and personality tests.

These tests are designed to gauge your aptitude skills in particular areas as well as your personality profile and determine how appropriate it is for a particular job.

The test battery differs from one assessment centre to the other, however most include two sections:

  • a behavioural psychological section which includes a face-to-face interview, a personality test or questionnaire, a group exercise and an in-tray exercise (for managerial roles)
  • a testing unit which includes a range of aptitude tests - verbal critical reasoning tests, numerical reasoning tests, abstract (diagrammatic) reasoning tests and in some cases specialty niche tests.

Preparing for your psychometric test will improve your results and strengthen your psychological state of mind, increasing your chances of success when applying for your desired job

If you are likely to face an assessment centre or a selection process that utilises psychometric tests – you can prepare online for these tests at JobTestPrep .

JobTestPrep, founded in 1992 is considered a world leader and expert in psychometric test preparation. At JobTestPrep you will find tailored preparation courses for psychometric tests based on the industry and position you are applying for.

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