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Professional CV Service

15 Jul 2016

Your most important career weapon, decisions to interview or reject may be made solely on this document and you are rarely offered a second chance at first impressions.

Uncover your true potential with a Fuller CV.

Our HR expertise allows us to:

  • Determine and market your achievements
  • Create your core competencies
  • Highlight your transferable skills
  • Inject confidence following redundancy
  • Strengthen areas of weakness

Upon enquiry we match you to a mentor, a highly qualified HR Consultant with expertise in your vertical market. A one-to-one telephone appointment* is arranged for a mutually agreeable time up to 8.30pm daily.
*Obtain quotation for numbers outside the UK Std codes 01 and 02

Key information will be extracted from your telephone interview and comprehensive notes taken, to accompany your former CV. Drawing from these elements your CV will be drafted, tailored to your target audience and salary expectations for presentation within 5 working days

You will be contacted to collect and review your CV from our secure website, five days following consultation. Your chosen alterations are FREE up to seven days following this date 

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